Day 1,917 – Thankful for Heeding a Nudge & a Healthy Mental Diet

I’ve often written about nudges, those little inspirations that seemingly come from out of nowhere to lightly push or direct me towards a specific action or thought process. Today I felt one, went right along with it, and was rewarded greatly. They seem to appear most often when I’m about to avoid something and head in a slightly different direction. The nudge is a fantastic and gentle course correct which seems to help me better live into the person I should be. Without detail, the nudge was spot on again today and I’m glad I heeded it.

When I started thinking about the nudge today I kept thinking that it most likely came from the steady diet of books I’ve been reading recently. In many ways it was drawn up right out a couple of their playbooks. This was a very effective reminder of how important it is for me to keep a healthy mental diet. I am more likely to act in accordance with what I’ve been mentally consuming, it is critical I devour the right books.


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