Day 1,916 – Thankful for a Quiet Drive, Bonus Conversation Time, & Christmas Movie Couch Time

Our drive back home today was amongst the most peaceful of all time. Each of us were pretty chill and off in our own thoughts (or devices) and it was a stark contrast to the activities of the past weekend. Having time to largely enjoy the sound of silence was a great way to chill after an excellent night of Christmas festivities with a very large family.

Before hitting the road we spent some extra time at Ken & Mary’s. No agenda, no specific reason, just some bonus conversation time. We had a great time just talking about anything and everything as we all chilled and relaxed. The bonus conversation was a wonderful way to wrap up the holiday season with their family.

Tonight we’re chilling on the couch, just the four of us, watching A Christmas Story and joking around. We’re sharing stories, laughing, and having a blast together. Frozen food for dinner, popcorn as a snack, and a little hot chocolate – exactly what the doctor ordered 😉 This is the best way I could imagine finishing up Christmas night.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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