Day 1,903 – Thankful for a Confluence of Experiences, Thought Exercises, and Readings

Over the past few months I’ve had a handful of seemingly unrelated experiences which seemed rather profound for unknown reasons. They each really hit me hard in positive ways and positively impacted how I acted after each.

Also over the past months I’ve read a plethora of materials which have been all going in slightly different directions. They were all relatively unrelated but deep down there seemed to be common direction.

Between the experiences and reading I’ve also conducted some interesting thought experiments to help me put more thoughts together. Spending time thinking through these experiments helped me focus on, work on, and play with the experiences and readings.

Over the past few days there’s been a confluence of these thoughts, readings, and experiences. Like the meeting of small streams the flow of the river grows as they all come together. Individually they are small and weak, united they become a force of nature.

I am exited to jump in this river and see where it flows.


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