Day 1,902 – Thankful for Outside Time in the Snow

With all the snow we got last night one of the first things on my agenda today was snow blowing.

Way back in the day I still remember wondering why Dad would sometimes seem to enjoy snow blowing as much as he did. It was somewhat physical work. It was outside. It was cold. It was a menial task. And yet he often seemed to be smiling when he did it.

This morning? I was borderline giddy with the thought of snow blowing. It would be a great way to start the day with some physical work. It would be an awesome opportunity to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. It was a little cold out due to the wind, but that made it feel like an accomplishment. While it was menial work I was able to accomplish something and just let me mind focus on my senses in the moment. I soaked up each and every second of it I could and was joyful the entire time. Strange as it was I even caught myself slipping in and out of a state of flow while doing it. What a glorious way to start the day!

Shortly after lunch Becky and I loaded up our snowshoes and hit one of our favorite state parks. Once on the trail it was clear to see there had only been three people on the trail before us, two skiers and one hiker. The majority of our time was spent listening to the sounds of nature and savoring the winter wonderland all around us. The views of the Mississippi River and all of its backwaters from atop the bluffs was wild – ice, blue water, and so much snow, all lit up by the sunlight. The time spent in the outdoors was a perfect way to unwind from another busy week of life. All of that was set aside as my world shrank to the simplicity of nature and the task of putting one foot in front of the other.

Winter used to frustrate me, now I’ve learned to really lean into it and enjoy the magical moments it can provide. Winter itself is beautiful, but it is up to me to look for the beauty rather than the bitter cold.


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