Day 1,881 – Thankful for Time with Becky and the Ten Minute Drive to Menards

For sure, my favorite part of the day was spending one on one time with Becky. The boys are both up north hunting and it’s been a sneak peek into empty nest life in a handful of years. It will definitely be different, but I know we’re going to enjoy each other’s company (& the travel!). Walking, church, takeout, games, relaxing…. Ahh.. More fun planned for tomorrow, looking forward to some hiking 😁👍

I’m replacing the outlet for our stove and had no idea just how many times I’d have to shift and adapt. Without a doubt I am extremely thankful for Menards only being about ten minutes away! Each of my three trips would have been frustrating rather than calming had the drive been an hour or more😉


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