Day 1,880 – Thankful for a Little Early Morning Rage, an Early Dinner Date, and a Wife Who’s Cool with That

Taking a cue from yesterday I remembered to pause, breathe, center and focus this morning. I went to the office very early in order to work more on my upcoming presentation on increasing job appeal. Getting into a flow state seemed much easier off of the heels of yesterday. I also had a secret weapon 😉

I started my early morning focus with a little rage… while I storyboarded out my presentation my head, neck, and shoulders were moving in unison with rage… Guerrilla Radio and Sleep Now In the Fire by Rage Against the Machine blasted out of my iPhone and got my brain pumping. Exactly what my mind needed to lose myself in the moment and capitalize on complete focus.

This afternoon I wrapped up work a little after 4:30, had a fun phone call, and then Becky and I were out the door by 4:45pm to hit our early dinner on date night. Drinks, dinner, dessert, and back home around 6:30. Yes, it was early. Yes, I’m already in bed as I type this. And yes, I’m not only cool with it, I’m thankful for it.

Late eating leads to lower quality sleep. Changing my weekly sleep pattern leads to lower quality sleep. Sleep charges my batteries and is the reservoir from which I draw from. Eating out early keeps my sleep solid, my mind still, and my soul joyful.

I’m also thankful for a wonderful partner who can appreciate early dinners and bed times. How awesome that we can both be quirky in our own crazily similar ways!


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