Day 1,882 – Thankful for The Right Answer

I may not know the question, but hiking must be the right answer. If that isn’t quite right I might follow up with one of these as the correct solution: …time outside. …spending time with family in the outdoors. …enjoying the fresh air. …soaking in the silence. …simplicity. …take time to be grateful for the beauty of nature. …presence. Those are all the right answer.

Our hike in Hixon this morning was awesome. The weather was perfect, the sun came out, the scents of fall surrounded us, a deer watched us from a safe distance, the bright blues and reds of blue jays and cardinals caught our eye, and the Mississippi River Valley amazed us with its majesty as usual.

My mindset was so calm and still, there was no stress, no thought to the future, only the present moment and occasionally a little trip down memory lane as we remembered our trips to Isle Royale and the Porcupine Mountains earlier this summer. Time in the outdoors, especially when getting in some physical activity, is always the right answer, always what my soul is craving – particularly those times when the time is shared with loved ones.


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