Day 1,846 – Thankful for a Well Placed Photo that Always Makes Me Smile

First things first. I am not grateful for fixing window screens. As I explained to Gavin, if I go to hell my occupation is almost assured that of a replacement screen maker. My new screen is currently residing right next to the old one… in the garbage. Maybe one day I’ll be the bigger person and appreciate the challenge for my blog but today I’m just frustrated. Maybe I’ll get over it tomorrow 😉

While stopped at a stoplight on my way to Menards this afternoon my eyes wandered to the console of our Honda Pilot. Right there, front and center, I saw this:

That one always makes me smile! It was from our trip up Canada. We were hiking above Emerald Lake and it remains one of my favorite hikes ever. So many beautiful views, perfect weather, a wonderful hike together. From the nervousness of hiking up through some serious bear country early in the morning to seeing the shale hills where they have found many fossils to the ptarmigan and her chicks – all of it was incredible.

Having that picture up in our car reminds me of that trip often and I’m thankful for seeing it again today.


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