Day 1,847 – Thankful for a Fully Satisfying Fall Sunday

Just like yesterday, let’s start with window screens. After my volunteer time at the soccer fields early this morning I swallows my pride, took a deep breath, and hit the hardware store for the necessary supplies to build a new screen for Dominic’s bedroom window. I took my time, took many deep breaths, and successfully finished the task. Success!!! What a difference from my struggles yesterday. Deep breaths make a big difference.

Gavin’s soccer game today was at our high school field and it was his first opportunity to play on it competitively. Watching him play on the same field Dominic plays on already was awesome. Over the next four years we hope to watch him play often just as Dominic has – so long as his passion for soccer continues.

Yesterday we talked about some things he could do to have a stronger impact on his team and he did very well putting them into practice. Sports in our household are far from being our only lives, but there are some awesome opportunities for us all to learn and grow through them. The way both boys have grown and matured through their soccer seasons has me feeling proud. Not only have they improved, there’ve been many opportunities for me to learn and grow as well. I have been far from an all star and have found more areas for me to work on than I last years. All good, in seeing that weakness I’m able to work on growth. Nothing terrible or anything, just more of gap between where I am and where I should be.

After soccer and the screen was an almost full family hike. Dominic had just gotten home from refereeing four games today and was exhausted so we left him and LuLu behind. The weather was perfectly autumnly (I don’t care if that’s not really a word, it should be 😉) and the smell of fall was almost intoxicating. Such perfect weather to be outside and on the trails in the bluffs.

Supper was followed up with a game of Wingspan. Still one of our all time favorite family games by a wide margin. Wrapping up our weekend as a family was the appropriate ending before heading back into the work week.

LOL – so that I’ve gone on and on I still don’t have a title gratitude for today! Of course, by the time you’re reading this it may be a bit of a surprise as there is already a title. What’s funny is that you already know what it is by now, but I don’t!

Okay, if I tie it all together I would summarize in this fashion… it was a fully satisfying fall Sunday. I got my alone time, I got my family time. I had time seeing my boys grow and I had several opportunities to do the same. I worked through frustration. I spent time outside and active. I played games with family. I got time to put my thoughts into my blog. I had fully satisfying fall Sunday. Not sure I could have scripted it much better.


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