Day 1,845 – Thankful for a True Unicorn – a Fall Friday Night at Home

I almost feel like I should be pacing the room while I type this. By some magical act of God we’ve got no plans for a Friday night in the fall. In the Winter it’s not very uncommon at all, but during soccer / marching band / hunting season this is very much an oddity, and one I’m grateful for.

We ate supper as a family as Dominic was in between soccer practice and refereeing soccer games. Gavin and I did dishes and played a handful of games together before he jumped online to play some games. Becky’s chilling and reading on the couch. I’m blogging (obviously) from the couch and thinking of heading to bed before too long.

Tomorrow is another busy one with yoga, soccer, boating, soccer, and possibly some games with friends to wrap up the night. Sunday sees more soccer and knocking out many of our regular weekend tasks. Tonight is all about the chill.

Tonight I’m grateful for the opportunity to chill at home with zero agenda other than go to bed soon. Ahh…


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