Day 1,844 – Thankful for Positive Parent Teacher Conferences

Over the past couple of days we’ve had parent teacher conferences for both boys. I know they are good kids and all that, but there’s something reassuring when I hear it from their teachers.

I still find it interesting to hear how they are viewed by other teachers, coaches, and adults. From my years with them I know my view of them have become myopic, hearing thoughts from others helps me take a step back and look at the boys from a different perspective. My brain has gotten used to seeing them one way – as my sons. These glimpses remind me that they are so much more than I will most likely ever understand. A very humbling thought to be sure.

Boys – thanks for continuing to do well in school. You’re both growing into the great people you can be, remember to keep working at the areas your teachers pointed out and you’ll be adults before you know it!


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