Day 1,843 – Thankful for Starting to Realize How Quickly Time Flies By

“Just you wait Mikey… you think time goes by fast now, just wait until you get older.”


Dad certainly hit the nail on the head! For so many years I was looking ahead to “when the boys are out of the house…”

Throughout the years many have told us, “you’re going to miss it.” I would laugh it off and think they must have been drinking early that day or we’re offering some crazy joke.

Turns out the joke was on me. It is wild to see how quickly the boys have grown and how little time is left in their lives at home with us. Today I had a great parent teacher conference with Dominic’s accounting teacher prior to his National Honor Society induction. Earlier in the day we had a planning session with Gavin’s guidance counselor to start helping him plan for high school next year. Both events quickly reminded me of the upcoming transitions for both of them.

What I’m thankful for today is pausing to remember this, recognize this, and appreciate the time I have with them now. I took extra time talking with Gavin and hanging out before supper. After getting home I spent extra time sitting on the couch with Dominic doing nothing but talking. Today has been that great reminder to stay present and not wish today away for a tomorrow that is not guaranteed. It is easy to get ahead of myself or to get tired running from event to event… but that is where life is at right now and I will appreciate each moment while I’m blessed enough to have it.

Time flies by quickly. Rather than rushing across the river and fighting the current I’m going to lift up my feet, float with the stream, and enjoy the view.


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