Day 1,791 – Thankful for Being So Excited I Self Medicated with Melatonin or Else I Won’t Sleep

I feel like I’m reliving an old childhood memory tonight. I’m a young kid and it’s the night before Christmas Eve (Santa was a pretty cool cat and almost always dropped our presents off before bed on Christmas Eve). I’m laying in bed and am so excited I can’t stop thinking about what’s about to happen the next day. My mind won’t shut off and I feel like I’m staring at the ceiling for hours and hours… though it has actually only been ten minutes. What I would give to be able to drift off quickly, it would speed up the wait 😉!

Tonight’s a little different but so similar. Tomorrow morning we are getting a step closer to knocking out a dream that’s on both of our lists! My mind is racing and the adrenaline is pumping, and I’ve still got a couple of days to go. Deep breaths and melatonin are both definitely needed in order to even catch a wink of sleep tonight.

Anticipation like this is amazing! So excited, so pumped, and totally in need of sleep.


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