Day 1,790 – Thankful for Camping, Reduced Supervision, and Another Year of Gavin

Another summer and another year of camping with the Thums family! As per normal we’ve spent the entire day eating too much, chilling out and enjoying the outdoors, and listening to the cousins play and have a blast.

What I’m grateful for from this trip is seeing just how independent the cousins all are. No need to make sure adults are with them at all times as they take great care of themselves and each other. It was totally surreal when they loaded into a pick up truck driven by another one of them to go off fishing on their own. Seems like only a year or two ago we were more exhausted from watching over them constantly. Crazy how much they’ve grown!

Gavin’s birthday today seems to fit right into that theme. As of today both of our boys are teenagers- how crazy is that???

What a difference a year can make, especially these past twelve months. Gavin has grown and matured in so many ways, while still definitely retaining his youthful self. Seeing him grow, become more confident, and mature has been one of my absolute highlights of the past year for me.

Gavin – thanks for keeping my life exciting in so many ways (& largely positive 😉). So proud of the kind human you’re growing into and so grateful to be able to call you my son. Totally proud of you bud! Love you dude!


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