Day 1,792 – Thankful for a Mike & Becky Vacation

Today was the start of something we haven’t done in a bit over four years… Becky and I started a short vacation with just the two of us!

Back in May of 2017 we went up to Bayfield for an extended weekend to celebrate our anniversary while the boys hung out with Dad and we all had an extraordinary weekend.

Since that trip we’ve done each vacation with our boys, with our friends, with our family, with my business partners, or without each other. Each of them has been wonderful, but it has been way too long since it has jut been the two of us.

This morning we hiked off to the airport early (yes, we live close enough to the airport that we walk there), hopped on our first flight, and we were off! All day was spent either flying or walking through Manhattan and taking in something completely different – just the two of us – and it’s been great to have time alone again.

Tomorrow we’ll knock one off the dream list, but even more importantly, we’ll create more memories together.


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