Day 1,787 – Thankful for the Release of Yoga, Camper Van Dreams, and One Hell of a Story

Ahh… yoga… What happened earlier today? Was it a busy day full of excitement? Was it wildly productive and flew by in the blink of an eye? Heck if I know anymore!

Another Wednesday night and another wonderful yoga session. When Becky asked if I wanted to join her I almost said no so I could have a chill night at home. The chillness I am feeling right now blows away the state of relaxation I would have had if I’d stayed home instead. The workout itself felt invigorating and the following chill from being in such a state of focused presence was so soothing for the mind and soul. The day before 5:30pm was a blur, the time since 6:30 has been bliss.

During a warm up in our team training today I talked about one of my dreams that I will accomplish in the next 3-5 years – buying a camper van. At yoga tonight we again talked with the yoga instructor who took a camper van for a test drive last weekend. After yoga we talked with her husband who confirmed how awesome it was. Camper van dream, alive and well, a great motivator in the back of my brain.

In my normal routine of of cycling from autobiography/biography to business/learning to fiction books I’m currently parked on a mindblowing book, Billy Summers by Stephen King. AMAZING!!! Talk about a page turner! I am listening to the audio version and catching myself looking for a reason to get extra drive time in so I can listen to a little bit more. Loving this book!


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