Day 1,788 – Thankful for a Tetris Day

LOL – I was going to type in the Tetris music but realized that wouldn’t work so well!

What a day! It was stacked from start to finish. Largely good, the events of today had to be packed in tightly and accurately to fit perfectly. Knocking out early morning emails. Jamming in a couple of completed projects. Keeping on point in meetings to stay close to the appropriate end time which correlated with the next meeting. Taking a partial lunch break to pack camping gear. Making a call while driving to get Gavin to band. Eating supper quickly to get Dominic to his first soccer game of the year – while Becky ran Gavin to and from his soccer practice also. After Dominic’s game finished well last my bed time I rode with Dominic so he could punch out his last 40 minutes of required night driving. Now crashing bed to blog before I wake up in about six hours and do it all over again.

Just like playing Tetris everything had to be stacked together. I’m just about to the end of this current sprint and I can see the finish line ahead. when I pause and look at all that’s happened today I. Ant help but be thankful for a Tetris day like this, they are crazy busy but also amongst my most productive.


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