Day 1,786 – Thankful for Closing the Laptop and Enjoying the Time

I was about to start typing my blog after we got back form a quick grocery run. Dominic had recently gotten home and was about to eat supper so I figured I’d blog in the dining room with him. I pulled out the laptop, logged in, and came to this page. There was already a post in my head and I was ready to go.

Instead we spent time talking about soccer and school. In no time I realized he was in the mood to talk so I did the best thing I could… I closed the laptop and talked with Dominic.

We just wrapped up talking and had a great time. There wasn’t anything truly important covered, no world problems solved, or anything like that. We just talked. And it was awesome.

There have been so many people who have warned me of how fast time flies by with kids. Dad often mentioned how time seems to go by faster and faster each year. Earlier today I was talking with a colleague who now has more grandkids than kids and hoped I was taking time to enjoy life with my boys. Yes, yes I am.

Blogs will come and go. Taking time to write and think will be there until I no longer have the ability to think. My time with my sons at home is fleeting. We’ll certainly have more time as they become adults and have families of their own and live their lives, but this will be the most time I have with them… and I appreciated almost each minute of it 😉 For reals, I’m so grateful for closing the laptop and living life rather than only being thankful for it.


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