Day 1,785 – Thankful for Early Morning Landscaping and Perfect Deck Weather

The first thing I did at work this morning was very different than any of my usual initial tasks each day. I left my laptop in the car, grabbed my pruning shears, and did a bit of hedge trimming by our entrance way. It had been a while since the bush had gotten some love and it was starting to get in the way of folks coming into our building. Fifteen minutes or so later and the job was finished. Talk about an exquisite sense of serenity and accomplishment first thing in the morning!

This really stuck out for me today as I reviewed my personal activity log later in the day. Each day I’m tracking all I do at work and noting whether it was the right thing to be working on or not. Each activity is also scored in relation to how engaged I was and if it brought me energy. This specific activity really set the course for the day for me. I often start off a little lower on engagement or energy, but this simple activity boosted both. The results of which were apparent throughout most of the day. It seems I’ve possibly found a sweet little mind hack to get my brain engaged and energized – a simple task which can be completely quickly with tangible results. Now the trick is to help myself see more of those opportunities more regularly.

I’m typing this while out on the deck. I’d be remiss to not mention just how grateful I am for this perfect deck weather. This is fantastic! Sitting outside to wrap up the day, breathing in fresh air, relaxing, and all at the perfect weather. Ahh… What a beautiful change to go from too hot to just right.


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