Day 1,784 – Thankful for an Afternoon Hike, and a Post Hike Nap in the Backseat

After lunch we headed off to one of our favorite hiking locations – Wildcat Mountain State Park. The drive is a very scenic hour or so from La Crosse and takes us through some wonderful valleys. More on that part later 😉

The hike was exactly what we’ve come to expect while taking time to enjoy the area. Beautiful, quiet, excellent pine forest smells, and many hills. The past month has been kind of a blur and hasn’t included nearly as much hiking as I’d been used to over the previous several months. Getting outside and wandering the trails was exactly what I needed today. Fresh air, exercise, time with the family, the simplicity of the outdoors, and a general sense of peace. Perfect on a summer Sunday like this!

On the way home I took the backseat so Becky could stretch her legs out a bit while Dominic keeps getting some driving practice hours in. Before I knew it I was reclined a little, closed my eyes, and took a little nap. Between the fresh air, the sun, the exercise, and staying up late last night a nap was exactly what the doctor ordered. A nice little bonus after the hike.


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