Day 1,783 – Thankful for Days When I Have to Write My Blog Early

Most often my blog comes at the end of the day. I’m either sitting on the couch with my laptop or in bed thumbing away at my phone. Both scenarios are for the same reason – it is nice to see what the day will bring before pausing to blog about it.

Occasionally I’ll write earlier in the day. In those rare cases it is likely I’ve had a profound experience that I am compelled to type about right away while it is fresh in my head and I have spare time.

Most infrequently are posts like this one today. I’ve got a long day full of exciting plans ahead. By the time I get around to typing I’ll either be completely exhausted or it might be after midnight – either of which are no good. Today I am grateful for these types of posts!

The reason for my gratitude is pretty straightforward. I’ve got an awesome day of fun planned with Gavin and we won’t be done until way later in the evening. So late that I’m positive I’ll be ready to crash. The plans themselves are also something I’m wildly thankful for as well – but I’ll save that surprise for a potential blog tomorrow 😉

Knowing that taking time for gratitude is important to me, so important that I’ll plan ahead and make time for it, helps me see just how this process has become a core foundation of who I am… and I know that I have really cool stuff planned for later! Kind of like a gratitude appetizer if you will.


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