Day 1,782 – Thankful for Two Wonderfully Insightful Books, Forget the Alamo and Man Enough

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to consume a couple of excellent books – both of which I highly recommend.

Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth taught me way more about the Alamo than I’d ever been taught in school. Since finishing it I’ve bought a hard copy and it will be required reading for both of my boys. The true story of the Alamo is so wildly different than legend I’d heard in the past. I want to make sure my boys hear the historically correct version before they hear it any other way. The people looked upon as heroes were far from that. The “villains” were actually the ones who wanted to abolish slavery. There are so many inaccuracies with the way it has been portrayed by Disney and Hollywood that when one reads the historical facts one can’t help but laugh.

Amazing book, wildly enlightening, and I highly recommend it.

Quick side note – did you know Texas is the only country (they were their own republic for a short period of time) to include the legalization of slavery in their constitution while also making emancipation illegal?

The other book I’d encourage everyone to read – especially my fellow men – is Man Enough by Justin Baldoni. Quite honestly, I’m not quite sure where to even start on this one. It was highly recommended by my writing coach based on the topic of the book I’m getting ever so close to finishing. Once I started I struggled to put it down.

Growing up male is a uniquely complicated thing – much as I would imagine it would be to grow up in any gender. Never in my life have I had so many moments in which I realize I’m not crazy, I’m not a weirdo, and I’m not nearly as different as I often felt I was. Baldoni’s honestness and humility about so many difficult topics was refreshing, therapeutic, and inspiring. I can’t even begin to share just how much this touched me on so many levels. This one is definitely a book I’ll re-read at least a few more times.

Two wonderful books in completely different directions helping me grow and see different sides of myself. Thought processes have already started to change, my dialogue with Dominic has changed (as it will with Gavin when I pick him up tomorrow), and I have changed… something I don’t say lightly.

If you have read them and want to discuss in more detail (agree or disagree – either way is cool) I would love to set some time to talk. If you haven’t read them please let me know if you’re planning to and we can set some time to talk while or after you do. I’d welcome the conversations.


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