Day 1,781 – Thankful for Jenga Blocks on the Deck with Dominic

Becky went for a hike with a friend after supper so Dominic and I decided to fire up a couple of games of Battleship. After being soundly trounced both times he took mercy on me and pulled out Jenga. The weather was pretty close to perfect so we took it out on the deck and started stacking.

After a handful of games we both agreed that neither of us will be on the Pro Jenga circuit anytime soon. We were laughing and having a blast while knocking the stack over way too quickly.

Instead of putting it away we decided to do some engineering. We each built a small structure with a few blocks. We then took turns flicking a block like a kicking a field goal with a paper football at the other’s structure across the table to attempt to knock it over. Before long we’d gone from three blocks to two dozen each as we tested our architectural skills. It was AWESOME!!! So many laughs together as we kept learning both through trial and error as well as each other. We were competing in the most fun of ways, together.

By the time we’d packed it up we had smile lines and bruised fingernails, scars well worth their price. Time outside in excellent weather. Time hanging out with one of my sons. Time creating a game to fit our personalities. Time playing and making memories. How perfect is that?

And a beautiful sky too!


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