Day 1,780 – Thankful for SUP Yoga, Camper Van Dream Fuel, and Culver’s

LOL – I already had a great post in mind for today, but it has totally been usurped over the past two hours. It must have needed more time to percolate, maybe it’ll come to life another day, but maybe not.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga has quickly become one of my favorite summer weeknight activities. Finish work, change into swim trunks, jump on a board, and float and stretch on the lake in the sun. Shut off everything else, focus only on the present, breathe, stretch, hold, and soak in the beauty of nature around the lake. Yet again the simplicity leading to a deeper joy.

Our instructor tonight was telling us about their opportunity to take a camper van for a spin next week to try it out. Before we left we’d spent a ton of time talking about the van. Every word spoken about it was a gallon of dream fuel. Buying a camper van is the gift Becky and I plan on getting each for Gavin’s graduation. Yes, we’re buying ourselves a present, we will have earned it over the previous couple of decades of raising our boys. Talking about their upcoming trip got my brain going in hyperdrive and I can’t stop smiling when thinking about all the places we’re going to take our camper van in the future.


On the way home a recommendation of Culver’s was thrown out and unanimously approved by the occupants of our car. Concrete Mixer on a hot day like today after sweating in the sun? Heck yeah!


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