Day 1,779 – Thankful for a Coaching Within a Coaching

Hmm… several different directions to go tonight, which one is most fitting?

Dominic and I watched a couple of episodes of Rick and Morty tonight. true to its normal crazy science related hijinks the episode also did a wild twist on reality. In a few spots it became a story within a story within a story within a story. Just as the main characters realized they were in a story they’d jump back into reality – which would be another story.

Why in the world am I sharing that in my post tonight? in some ways it’s a fitting segue into an experience I’ve had more than a few times recently.

Over the past week or so there’ve been a few times when I am coaching someone only to find that in the coaching I’m also coaching myself. It’s a wild concept and feels a bit surreal, but in those moments it kind of like being in a story in the story. Layers of coaching meant for another while also realizing that it is a message I also needed to hear. Talk about an awesome two for one!


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