Day 1,778 – Thankful for the Stillness of Being Lost in the Depths of the Present at Yoga

By the end of our practice tonight I was a sloppy pile of sweat and exhausted muscles. In many ways I started to realize how it must feel to be a puddle… and I couldn’t have been happier about it!

One of our favorite yogis was teaching tonight and she took us on quite the journey. She had us flowing from position to position while taking just the right amount of time to help us pause and shift our focus to specific sensations as we held our pose and then adjusted ever so slightly. There were timely reminders to focus on our breath as we held more and more difficulty positions. From start to finish she was amazing.

The physical workout was amazing and burned about as many calories as a 5k run. That said, my favorite part of the workout was the focus on the present and the stillness it created.

Last week was a wildly busy week as is this current week. If I were an ocean I’d be covered sharp waves like in the thick of a storm. At yoga the focus on the present instantly calmed the sea to a perfectly flat mirror like finish…. by doing nothing more than plunging me into the depths of the present. In the slow movement and focus on breath all thoughts and stress melted away and left only the quiet me in the now.

Quick note to Future Mike: yet again the most profound moments of stillness, awareness, and serenity are found in moments of extreme simplicity, no “stuff” required.


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