Day 1,774 – Thankful for a Driving Demonstration with Dominic

Today Dominic and I created a memory I doubt either of us will forget for quite some time. Dominic drove while we took Gavin to soccer practice tonight. During the drive there were a couple of times when Dominic was a little too cautious going around a corner – he dropped his speed way down before turning. When we dropped Gavin off we swapped seats so I could give him a demonstration on how to take corners in a small little manual car like this. While it was fresh in his head I thought it’d be a good learning opportunity. As luck would have it we were in for quite the fun!

On a quiet street I showed him how quickly the Honda Fit can corner without being too fast. He was a little scared at first and then was smiling when the g force pushed him up against the side of the door. After a couple more corners like that he was getting what I was saying about going faster around corners. The intent wasn’t to go that fast, but to know that you can have more speed and turn safely.

On our way home the light changed to red just as I pulled up. I braked and immediately grimaced. Driving the stick shift I knew what I’d just done… I had stopped at a busy intersection in which I have to take off uphill. My worst fears were realized when the car behind us pulled up nice and close, like really close.

“Hey dude, not gonna lie here. I’m kind of shitting myself thinking that I’m either going to kill it going up the hill and back right into the car behind us or I’m totally going to peel out as we go around the corner.” Dominic’s eyes grew wide and he started laughing out loud.

“You’re scared? That’s awesome! I thought it was only me!”

“Nope,” I said as the light turned green.

As I tore around the corner way faster than I meant to the squealing of the tires was LOUD!!! I’d totally just lit them up pulling out. My fear of killing it turned into way too much gas and we were rocketing around the corner.

Dominic and I were both full on belly laughing.

Out of nowhere a white Rav4 flies up on us and is in the lane next to us. Looking over we realize that is one of Gavin’s best friends and the friend’s dad, who is also the father of one of Dominic’s best friends. Both Steve and Lance were laughing while Steve waved his finger at me.

“Hold on Bud,” I said as I downshifted and hit the jets.

We were suddenly in a safe and contained race with each other. I used every ounce of extra power from the Fit and shifting to get us up to over highway speed just before we got on the interstate. Dominic and I were laughing the entire way home!

It was bad enough to accidentally peel out, but doing it in front of someone we knew made it all the more embarrassing and hysterical. We’ve been joking about it throughout the night and I’m sure we will be for years to come.

Memories like this are some of life’s greatest treasures.


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