Day 1,773 – Thankful for Just Typing and Not Overthinking

Hmm… mental block and I’m laying in bed. The only thing between me and sleep is my blog. Write it and I go to sleep. Suffer writer’s block and become more tired and slightly frustrated. I think I’ll just type and see what happens 😉

Several different ways I could go today. Maybe the best idea is to call this one a hodge piece, a potpourri, or a mixed bag today.

I received an awesomely inspirational video from a wonderful friend first thing this morning. They are someone I look up to and see as a role model in how to live a joyful and meaningful life as a husband, father, friend, and business person. Their video had me smiling and taking note of the lessons shared. What a blessing to start the day with!

We normally get together in person for our annual Express Leadership Academy retreat but had to go with a second year of Zoom meetings instead. No worries though! The sessions today were outstanding, effective, and were aligned with much of what I am working on currently. Who says you need to get away for a retreat? Sometimes you just need a couple of hours of quiet time and space.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is rough. In those moments it would be so easy to take the easy way out instead. I’m thankful for taking right path today.

This evening I tried something new. I’ve always wanted to grill corn on the cob but never have so I figured tonight would be the night. It wasn’t perfect and I learned much but it turned out pretty well! Definitely going to add that into the grilling rotation.

Progress came in the form of the latest version of the manuscript of my book tonight. I am overjoyed to see this next step and slightly terrified of the amount of work get to take on. I will finish this and have it created by the end of the year. Period. Hiking in the mountains has taught me to appreciate the false summits. Rather than being intimidated it is an opportunity to enjoy how far I’ve come and lick my chops as I see how much more I am gifted to enjoy.

Whew!!! That went so well once I just started typing…. As a matter of fact I think I just hit my title and core gratitude for the day!


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