Day 1,772 – Thankful for an Awesome Morning Run, Simplicity & Flow

Morning runs are crazy things sometimes. Not too long ago I wrote about be thankful for a rough one. They’re most often more enjoyable with a partner who also adds motivation for the early wake up time. Sometimes they just suck and other times they are so daunting I decide to stay in bed instead.

This morning’s run was amongst the best I’ve had. From the start I was loosened up and ready to go. My legs felt great and had a little extra spring in them. I turned on some great music and just let my brain go. There was almost no inner monologue, just my body in motion doing the same thing it has done thousands of times. The views were amazing as I went out on a country road that was really to me. No specific finish line in mind, I went past my normal distance and didn’t turn around until I was atop the hill. Cows watched my curiously as I bounced through fields of layered fog. By the time I got back I was heading in only to get ready for work in time rather than due to fatigue. I was completely refreshed and felt wonderful!

Sometimes run is freaking brutal and I bear it. Runs like today are reminders of why I so enjoy the exercise humans were made to do.

Just a quick side note for Mike of the future when he stumbles upon this again. I’m finding more and more often that my flow state is in direct relation to the simplicity of life in that moment. Does simplicity strip away all else so the focus leads to flow or does the focus of flow strip away all but the simple and essential?


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