Day 1,775 – Thankful for Purpose and Completely Unexpected Surprises

Often when I blog it is related to something specific from my day and it is specific to me. When that is the case I feel open to sharing emotion, details, and the entirety of the situation.

Once in a while my gratitude is for something related to another person. In that scenario I don’t feel it is appropriate to share the detail as that is up to them.

There are other corner cases in which I don’t feel obligated to share the detail for an undisclosed reason. There are a variety of reasons why, but in general they involve something I would like to keep personal.

Today is there first day when I’ve had two gratitudes – one in each of the second and third categories.

First off, I felt a deep sense of purpose. Not just a doing my job sensation, rather a profound awareness of truly living into my purpose. There was a specific moment in which I saw the right thing to do in a fleeting situation. I almost avoided it but then felt deeply compelled to do the right thing so I did. My mind has been blown by the result and I am beyond grateful for taking that action.

Second, earlier today I was caught completely off guard by an excellent surprise. Out of nowhere I was able to knock off one of my dreams in spectacular fashion in a truly epic experience and action of extreme kindness. I’ve been smiling ever since.

Yup, there’s not a lot of detail there and I’m okay with that. I grateful for purpose and a completely unexpected surprise today. Both have moved my soul today.


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