Day 1,776 – Thankful for Chipping Away at a Dream

Such a dichotomy between yesterday’s and today’s posts! Yesterday included a spontaneous and out of the blue accomplishment of a dream. Today I’m grateful for making small bits of progress towards a gigantic dream.

Today I’ve spent several hours working on my book. Reading, editing, and planning have been the name of the game. Tomorrow will be spent wrapping up the plan and notes back to my editor as well as writing a few of the additional pieces necessary to round things out. It is definitely work, but a very rewarding type of work. The feeling of accomplishment has been awesome.

I’ve got well over 100 dreams I’d like to accomplish before my time on Earth is up. Yesterday one was scratched off in a moment of surprise. The one I worked on today has been over four years in the making and is on track to be completed by the end of the year. Each counts as one, but each one doesn’t count the same to me. Yesterday I was thankful for the spontaneity of accomplishing one, today I’m grateful for the grind, for slowly chipping away at a huge dream.


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