Day 1,743 – Thankful for Hanging Out on the Boat with Mom & Becky

First things first, isn’t it nice to have a Monday that feels like a Sunday? How wonderful to have a bonus day at home over the weekend. What’s funny is that I still spent more than a few hours on work during the weekend, but it felt so much better as it was something I was choosing to do rather feeling as I had to.

Late last week Mom called and asked what we had planned for the weekend. As luck would have it our schedules both lined up perfectly and she came down to hang out with Becky and I today. We spent the day hanging out at the house, heading out on the boat, and then went out for dinner before she started making the trek back up north.

I had such a great time just hanging out and catching up with Mom. Our schedules haven’t meshed up so well recently and this was so much better than a short phone call. We were able to shoot the bull, talk work and life, chill, think up future vacations, and joke around. Being able to do that in person and on the boat in the sun made it all the more perfect.

As busy as life is for all of us I’m more and more grateful for these times we have to chill and spend some quality time together. Having COVID firmly in the rearview also helps us see that this will quickly become more and more of the normal we’d been so used to in the past. Spending time together in person like this was amazingly awesome and I’m thankful for this extra time I had with her today!

Not from today, but a good one of the three of us 🙂


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