Day 1,744 – Thankful for Early Bed Times, Bonus Walks, Bison Strip Steaks, and Reading in Bed

Over the past few nights I’ve been very thankful for something that my younger self would have seen as being insanely lame… I’ve gone to bed way early! Not gonna lie, it’s been fantastic 🙂

With the boys out of town there’s not a lot of craziness in our house, no driving to be done, no chaos, less cooking, and so on. While I definitely miss the boys, one of the benefits has been the ability to go to bed really early without having any regrets about it. I’m particularly thankful for my sleep mask as well – it’s been very nice to slip on when the light through the curtains would normally keep me awake.

This evening after supper the clouds were dark to our north but there was no impending rain on the radar. Becky and I figured we’d take our chances and went out for a bonus walk with the dogs. The heat and busy-ness of life have slowed the number of evening walks we’ve had recently, getting outside to enjoy a little bonus fresh air was fantastic. Taking a walk after a meal always feels wonderful!

Speaking of supper, I’m grateful for Festival Foods’s meat department. They currently offer bison steaks and the bison strip has to be one of my all time favorite steaks to grill at home. Deelish!!!

Buffalo New York Strip Steaks
Not my steak, this was found on

Not too long after finishing this blog I’ll head off to bed. I’ve been spending a little extra time reading in bed each night to help quiet my brain down before I close my eyes. The read I’ve been chilling to lately is Discourses and Selected Readings by Epictetus. It’s the perfect thought provoking book to leave some deep last thoughts in my head before sleep.


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