Day 1,742 – Thankful for a Deep State of Chill and a Quote From the Best Romance Movie Ever

What a perfectly peaceful day it has been!

The morning started with sleeping in and feeling totally rested (before 7am). Becky and I took the dogs for a walk by the spillway before it got too hot for them. We then loaded up our bikes and went for an unexpectedly long bike ride to Trempealeau for a couple of hours.

Shower up, get a little done around the house, eat lunch, and head to a very quiet grocery store for our weekly shopping. Head home, get some work done that I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and then eat some supper of meats, cheeses, and crackers – the ultimate chill dinner.

Bust out some games for the two of us, joke around, and enjoy the deep state of chill.

Call it an early bed, type a blog, read a book for a little bit, and then asleep by 9pm before the fireworks start.

The entire day has been lived in a deep state of chill, exactly what I had hoped for on our first day of Becky being back home and the boys starting their next adventure.

I am also beyond thankful for finding someone who’s got a twisted sense of relaxing and chilling like me. I’m still not sure how I happened to find someone who so perfectly fits. To quote the romantic film Deadpool:

“We’re like two jigsaw pieces-weird curvy edges. Put them together and you can see the picture on top.”

Wade & Vanessa in Deadpool

Off to bed, a great night of sleep, and another chill day tomorrow!


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