Day 1,741 – Thankful for a Summer of Outdoor Adventures for the Boys

I am both extremely grateful for and jealous of the summer of outdoor adventures our boys have planned this year. Just over a week ago we were returning back from a weeklong backpacking trip to Isle Royale. A few weeks before that they were on a long weekend of backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains. Tomorrow they head off on a week of canoeing with Grandpa and some of their cousins in the Boundary Waters. Shortly after is a few days of hiking up a couple mountains in Colorado over a long weekend. Throw in additional camping and whatnot and they are booked up with outdoor excitement.

I’m not even sure which specific part I’m most thankful for today. They will make some incredible memories. Their already deep appreciation of the outdoors has grown stronger already this summer. They are active and out enjoying life rather than living behind a screen. The skills they spare learning about hiking, camping, and wilderness survival are outstanding and will be useful all their days. All those positives are amazing!

At the end of the day I’m so stoked about how excited they are for each adventure, the smiles they have seemingly constantly on their faces, and knowing they’re creating a lifetime of memories in a single summer. I’m getting more excited for semi-retired life at some point to see if I can match their level of excitement alone summer in the future.

They’re hitting this next adventure without me, but I’m still so grateful for this and all of the other crazy outdoor adventures they have this summer.


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