Day 1,740 – Thankful for Being Exhausted in an Awesomely Rewarding Way

Not gonna lie, I love the days that are a nonstop blur from start through stop. I’ve been up and moving since 4am and haven’t had a moment to relax until now. Blogging from bed has become a more and more common thing and I’m very much okay with that. Tomorrow will have many hours of drive time, I’ll relax then. In the meantime I’m grateful for the constant forward motion of today.

For sure, much of the day involved a great deal of fun with my Winona work family and it really didn’t feel like work. Every year we pause at the halfway point to see how we’ve done and where we’re going for the rest of the year. We get out of the office, talk business outside of the suction of the daily whirlwind, and find ways to be more successful. Once we’ve got the tracks laid we head out for some fun. This year’s event included an escape room, axe throwing, and a delicious supper. My voice feels a little strained from all the laughing, it was so much fun!

Afterwards I met up with the boys after soccer practice for a little bonus fun for them and their team. Spending time watching my boys hang out with the friends was kind of surreal. Seeing them have fun like that reminded me of so many summer nights hanging out with my friends back in the day.

Once we were home we moved right into packing mode to make sure they are both prepped for their upcoming canoe trip. For a while we were all pretty scattered and headed in different directions but we then got into a rhythm and got everything all ready. Throw in some jokes and laughs and it was a fun time.

Now I’m going to crash. My eyelids are heavy and I’ll be out before the light turns out. I’m exhausted, but in an awesomely rewarding way…


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