Day 1,739 – Thankful for Grinding Out a Miserable Run

If you’ve done some running in the past you most likely know what I’m talking about today. Thank goodness it is an extreme rarity!

This morning when my alarm went off I was instantly wide awake. All systems were go and I was ready to start my day. When I got my shoes on and was about to head out for a run something just seemed off. My legs were tired. Both of my Achilles were stiff and sore. My body felt flat. Everything was off a bit.

I thought everything would loosen up when I started running so off I went. Instead of loosening up everything just got more tight, more tired, and more sore. My first mile was resoundingly miserable.

Sometimes it takes a while to knock the rust off. After a mile or so I find my groove and then I’m good to go for the rest of the run. Maybe if I just kept going I’d hit that point and feel refreshed.

Nope. I continued to feel like crap. Nothing felt natural, I couldn’t get into my right rhythm, and everything was off. For sure, it sucked. There was no improving it this morning.

My run was miserable today… but I gritted it out. Even though it was a rough one I stuck with it and wrapped it up.

For clarity, I really appreciate all of the times when my runs go smoothly. That said, a miserable run like this once in a while is an appreciated gift. It provides me an opportunity to prove to myself that I can grit through the discomfort and misery. Anyone can run when it feels good, am I a person who will run even when it feels like crap? It reminds me that discomfort and pain are only temporary. It reminds me to appreciate all of the other runs that go so fluidly. When I finish a run like this I know I’ve grown.

My run this morning was miserable, but I completed it… and I appreciate it.


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