Day 1,724 – Thankful for an Early Father’s Day Present, Kringle!

The morning started off with an awesome walk while brainstorming. I wrapped up a very insightful book talking about the impending decrease in world population. There were several projects I was able to make a great start on. Yoga on stand up paddle boards was beyond serene in perfect weather conditions. I’ve got my pack locked and loaded and it weighs less than I thought it would. Dominic reminded me so much of me when interacted with Dad back I was his age that I couldn’t help but laugh. All around it’s been an incredible day with much to be grateful for!

Becky informed me that my Father’s Day gift had arrived early. She and Gavin walked me to the refrigerator and showed me an awesome surprise…

What a perfect Father’s Day gift, delicious Kringle!!! We’ve already taken down the Father’s Day “Whiskey Caramel” and I’m so excited for the Pecan tomorrow morning for breakfast. I love their Kringle!

Many positives to be thankful fir throughout the day. Several deep thoughts and lessons starting to form, new twists to strategies about to hatch. All that said, I only get a delicious Kringle like this once or twice a year.😁


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