Day 1,725 – Thankful for a Serendipitous Podcast Helping Me Find Community and Discover Part of My Identity

Maybe it’s just me (btw – I am literally chuckling at my natural use of this phrase knowing what’s about to follow) but sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who’s experiencing certain things.

For instance, when I am writing there are times when the sentences and paragraphs roll so naturally I struggle to keep my fingers moving fast enough. Other times I push so hard to seemingly squeeze blood from a turnip that the smattering of words closely resemble a “Failed It” birthday cake on Pinterest.

The times when writing almost feels guiltily easy I’m playing more than I am working. The thoughts in my brain flow so well into written word that what I’m assuming will be a short little post blossom into a deep thought and a novella. As soon as I start to push it everything seems to gum up and I get out of sync.

One of my favorite authors, Ryan Holiday, recently interviewed one of my favorite endurance athletes, Dean Karnazes. I’ve read books by written by both of them multiple times and they’ve both moved me to changing action and behaviors. Seeing this podcast in my que had me borderline giddy.

Imagine my surprise when the conversation shifted from endurance sports to writing. As they both explained their experiences I literally laughed out loud! At one point Ryan explained how it sometimes felt like a huge drain when he pushed too hard and Dean laughed and went all fanboy like I was at the same time. How wild (or completely expected and understandable) that we all run into the same while writing.

What really struck me was an immediate sense of community and brotherhood. I was listening to my people talk about the same struggles. I was not longer alone, I wasn’t out of the ordinary, and there are ways to get through this challenge just as they have.

What also finally clicked in my head was something several people have been telling me for months but I couldn’t quite bring myself to believe… I am a writer.


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