Day 1,723 – Thankful for Getting Out of a Rut

I find it so easy to get into a rut. Without even noticing it my brain can trick itself into following the same course of action simply because it is easy.

Once in a while what can help me bust out of it something I really don’t want to do. That was very much the case late yesterday. The homework I had to prep was not what I wanted to focus on and was much more tedious than I wanted… but it was exactly what my brain needed. It gave me space to pause and think.

Our meeting for work today was our first of this kind face today face since pre-COVID. The combination of something new and the time together with friends I’ve only seen on a video screen was another useful way to help me attain distance to think.

The agenda didn’t quite go as it usually did. This caused the conversations to go in different directions which also jolted me out of the rut.

When all is said and done I was impressed by just how much I’d been able to step out of the rut, attain distance, and think. In that space and thought I found I was already on the right track on some things. Other strategies I had been thinking of suddenly showed their errors and helped me reframe the challenge. So much to reflect on before charting the next course.

Out of the rut, moving forward in the right direction. What an awesome sensation of progress!


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