Day 1,722 – Thankful for Choosing to Blog Even Though I’m Exhausted

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why I’m naturally attracted to the crazy game of “Just how much more can I pack into my life in a short period of time.” It’s a ludicrous game full of twists and turns, a fiery crash or two, a crazy comeback and a celebration in which the trophy is a ticket to play again the next day.😉. I’m currently horizontal, typing, and ready to crash. Not gonna lie, I both won and lost at this game today. My alarm is going to go off again in about six hours so I can do it all over again.

For reals, as stressful as times like this can be from the sheer volume of both activity and logistics I’m a fan of it once in a great while and when I’m both rested and see rest on the horizon. This is one of those times.

Throughout the day I’ve started mentally composing my blog at least four times I can think of. Topics have included living lessons from Dad, planning ahead, growth through adversity, not being picked after Little League baseball tryouts even though my dad was a coach, and focus under pressure. All around me were moments in which I paused, even though I didn’t have time, quietly drew a deep breath, and let my mind focus on something I was grateful for.

As tired as I am I considered not writing a post today. In my brain I tried reasoning with myself that I could take the day off, I’d already been thankful, no biggie. Had I listened in that moment of weakness I would t have kept the streak going and could have started taking more days off when I got tired. No good at all.

Blogging is my meditation, journal, forced quiet time, and therapy all rolled into one. If I cut the corners and decide not to type it would be so easy to stop and I’d miss so many inspiring insights I would otherwise miss or neglect to catalog for future remembrance.

Tonight I’m grateful for choosing to blog even though I’m exhausted. My day is now complete. I’ll sleep with a smile.


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