Day 1,721 – Thankful for Taking Time to Set My 2021 Goals and Focus

Life has become increasingly busy and ridiculous, almost all in positive ways. Quite honestly, even the small number of speed bumps have been wonderful opportunities to grow and develop. In many cool ways it almost feels as if the universe is conspiring to bring my joy!

What I’m finding very interesting is the number of opportunities that are popping up seemingly out of the blue. All around me are more events to go to, more ideas to work on, and past ideas and potential projects that seem to be making sense again. All around me are more and more opportunities and I am thankful for that.

In past years I would run with pretty much all of them and some would fall quickly by the wayside as new options came available. For sure, it wouldn’t be that those left behind were bad, it would purely be that my attention drew me to the new and shiny instead.

This year has been very different and largely due to one single exercise. I took the advice of Jim Collins and spent time considering the theme I would choose to live for 2021. I’ve written about it before: Into the woods. My core focus has been on living life intentionally. I narrowed it down to my three biggest goals, three things to start doing, three things to stop doing, and three things to remember. Couple those groups of three with my values and it has laid out a very clear way for me to live in 2021.

Thanks specifically to that time spent planning, while it was quiet, I’ve found that I’m putting more focus into the things I decided we’re most important at the beginning of the year. I’ve been living significantly more intentionally than in the past and I’m starting to see it pay out in spades. W

This process is something I will definitely keep focused on for next year. The time spent on it for 2021 has already proven to be a extraordinary investment in myself.


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