Day 1,720 – Thankful for an Oasis

One of the best parts of this weekend so far has been this oasis. I’ve written before about the crazy time warp effect I’ve been feeling from COVID. The more I get back to the normal routine the more it seems as if the past 15 months have been lived in a parallel dimension. My brain struggles to comprehend how the past year and half has happened while also seeming as if it didn’t happen and we’re jumping right back into the summer of 2020 as I’d first imagined it would be in the beginning of the year.

This weekend has been a wildly wonderful oasis. Spending time with friends, spending time outdoors, playing, relaxing, and chilling. Just like we would have had in 2020 without COVID, just like we would have done this year, just our group of lifelong friends, hanging out and enjoying each others company. No stress, no responsibility. Only time spent hanging out and strengthening friendships which seem as if they had already been stronger than possible.

Here’s to friendships, time warps, and an oasis of serenity.


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