Day 1,707 – Thankful for Another First, Captain Gavin

Another first in the Kreiling house today – Gavin drove the boat for the first time since passing boater’s safety. It’s crazy to think he’s now old enough to take control of our boat. Seems like only a couple of years ago we picked up our boat and we would watch him sleep on the deck after a busy day on the sandbar. Now he can drive while I sleep on the boat after a long day of sitting in the sun. 😉

The boys keep getting older and older – each first reminds me of that fact. Dad always said time would keep going by faster and faster, each day it seems like he was even more right than the day before. I am grateful for these firsts as they remind me to pause and think about how much they’re growing and maturing.

Congrats on a successful first run on the boat Gavin, you did great!


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