Day 1,706 – Thankful for Continuing Traditions from the Pandemic Era – Hiking

One of the positives to come from the COVID era was family hiking. We put on way more miles as a family last year than we had in any year previous – probably more than the two or three previous years combined. One of the ways we found solace from everything being shut down was to get out on the trails as a family.

This weekend is a big one for us as there are many “firsts” for us since March of 2020. We’re all amazed at how weird things feel for a minute or two but when how regular and normal everything seems within a matter of minutes.

Late this morning, in the middle of getting back to normal, we opted to take a lesson from 2020’s normal and get out on the trails. It was awesome! Perfect hiking weather. Cool. Sunny. Quiet. Perfect.

While life gets back to more and more normal I’m grateful for pockets of new normal we created during COVID that we’ll continue into our new old normal 😉.


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