Day 1,705 – Thankful for Sounds of Sleepovers and Napping with LuLu

Another easy night of blogging for me tonight! there were a handful of serious things at work I am grateful for today, but two very simple things really take the cake today.

Gavin and Dominic each have a friend sleeping over tonight. This is the first time in well over 15 months that they’ve had friends over for the night. Hearing them talk and joke has me smiling as I type tonight. It’s nice hearing them having fun and getting back to get another piece of normalcy.

With the boys taking over the upstairs Becky and I have retreated to our bedroom so the boys have space. After our post dinner walk I laid on the bed with a book. Becky brought LuLu up on the bed and she snuggled right in. Within a short period of time I caught my eyes closing to match her sleepiness. After I’m done blogging I might just give in and sleep too. Laying on my back with LuLu snuggled up and using my leg as a pillow is about the perfect way to wrap up the night.


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