Day 1,686 – Thankful for a Full Weekend, Becky’s Time with Gavin, a Crazy Pic, and a Beautiful Wildflower

Another full day in the books to wrap up a wonderful weekend. A while back Becky suggested that I stay home while she takes Gavin to his soccer tournament as it would be one of the last weekends I have at home for a while. After some thought I agreed that it would be nice to stay home and enjoy some downtime before jumping back into our normal crazy string of weekends. Rather than chill it has been a weekend of almost constant motion – all in good ways. Sitting on the couch and taking a deep breath while I blog is exactly what I need before I crash in bed.

A couple of specific things really hit me today. For as much fun as I’ve had with Dominic this weekend I’m just as thankful for the wonderful time Becky had with Gavin this weekend. We often talk about making sure we get some one on one time with each of the boys to keep building, deepening, and strengthening the bond between each of us. Hearing about how much fun the two of them had this weekend has me smiling big. I feel so blessed to have a family who enjoys spending so much time together in any combination.

The picture Becky texted me after the game has my mind reeling a bit. Is this the first picture of the two of them in which Gavin is clearly taller than Becky? Crazy thinking that our youngest is no longer our shortest!

One other thing I’d be remiss to point out today is my gratitude for the beauty of spring flowers. This little flower really caught my attention on our hike. There were thousands of them just off the trail. Each one caused me to smile at the wonder that they each are. So delicate, beautiful, and simple. How fortunate we are to live in a world with beauty such as this!


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