Day 1,653 – Thankful for My Early Morning Kinda Hiking Buddies

My workout this morning was a hike up Grandad Bluff with my loaded backpack on. Last Tuesday I did the same and I was amazed at how relaxed I was from the bonus outside time on a weekday. Why not try it again, right?

Just like last Tuesday I was greeted by a couple of furry friends when I got out of the car. They were in the same yard as before and less than eight feet away from me as I walked by with my pack.

As I wound my way up the bluff I left the red light of my headlamp on so I could keep better night vision. While it wasn’t quite bright enough to catch the eye shine of other deer up the bluff I could tell they were there. A rustle of leaves, the pause of movement, and the feel of eyes on me.

On my way back down I heard a noise seemingly only a small handful of feet away. There was a crashing of brush traveling up the hillside. By the time I’d flicked my headlamp’s bright spot light the four deer had already moved to about 15 yards away. When I panned the area with my light all eight eyes were locked right in on me. I chuckled to myself, switched back to the red light and started back down the hill. Yes, I may have even talked to the deer for a little bit 😉

I went to the bluff for exercise and relaxation. My kinda hiking buddies made it all the more memorable and helped it feel like I was further off the beaten path than I really was. Thanks deer!


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