Day 1,652 – Thankful for Taking Time to Choose a the Right Leverage Point

Earlier today I had an excellent conversation with a mentor talking about how to maximize our teams’ effectiveness. While business is very strong we’re seeing room for improvement in a couple of spots. What’s interesting is that we are at a point in which we can either continue doing what we have, add to what we’re already doing, or pivot in a different direction. The long term answer is to do both, but quite often the addition of something else means that neither are done as well as one would hope. If I was going to hedge my bets on one, which would I choose?

In this unique situation there is a definite pull in one direction due to inertia. It is the way we’ve always gone, a direction we know well, and something we’re very proficient at. This solution has a strong gravity which pulls us towards it.

The other situation is a bit counterintuitive. Pulling it off requires much effort to break free from the gravitational pull of the traditional idea. It is very much an unknown in some ways and it doesn’t quite feel right as I can’t help but be distracted by the normal solution.

So which to choose?

If I would sprint to an answer I’d go with the normal one. The other is intriguing but doesn’t seem as if it would have as much of an impact.

One of the words of advice from my mentor was to pause and focus on which action moves the dial the most. Which strategy has the ability to make the biggest impact? Over the past week I’ve taken time to analyze the situation and our results and test each solution in a vacuum using our past results. After taking time to pause the whirlwind around me to think I’ve found what appears to be the correct answer. If I am correct, the counterintuitive answer will be over 50% easier to accomplish to yield the same results. It doesn’t quite seem right on the surface but after mapping it all out that is the best leverage point of the two.

Today I’m thankful for taking time to find the point of leverage. Had I rushed into an answer I would have made the wrong call. By pausing to think, research, and analyze we’re able to more quickly head in the right direction.


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