Day 1,651 – Thankful for Focusing on Living Into Dreams and the Encouragement of Becky to Dream Bigger

My brain is heading in about four different directions at once as I focus in on what I am most grateful for today. I’m grateful for a bonus hike with Mom and my family. I’m grateful for an insightful Easter homily. I’m grateful for the story behind Easter. I’m grateful for the joy of aiding the Easter Bunny in hiding eggs and baskets. I’m grateful for creating space to get things done. I’m grateful for keeping my composure when I spill the majority of the marinade for our grilled salad on the grill and deck. I’m grateful for the lists I’ve got growing – dream lists, backpacking checklists, goals for this year, task lists, and so on… I’m grateful for the amazing April weather and the sun. I’m grateful for a safe ride home. I’m grateful for a quiet grocery store. I’m grateful for the moments of unexpected willpower. I’m grateful for trying new things. I’m grateful for random texts from friends. I’m grateful for seeing how quickly the children of friends are growing up. I’m grateful for memories of awesome vacations. I’m grateful for taking time to plan for the week ahead. I’m grateful for going to bed before 9pm. I’m grateful for all of these things and so much more.

So where do I focus today? What I am most grateful for today is the way all of the parts above fit into my day. It’s been wild, busy, fast paced, and full of fun. I’m thankful for having a plan, having goals, having dreams, and staying focused on those dreams. By knowing where I want to go I am better able to live my life into those dreams. I’m grateful for the ongoing focus on what I value most and doing my best to keep pointed in those directions as much as possible. It would have been very easy to just drift today. To sit back, let life happen, take a load off, and chill. Pull up my phone, stare at it without purpose, and be unaware of how quickly time was slipping away behind me. Instead I lived into what was important to me.

Yup, another one added to the growing list 😉

Knowing that I have an awesome dream supporter there with me side by side and helping me to live into even bigger dreams than I could have imagined without her makes it even more worthwhile. I’m grateful for the way Becky helps and encourages me to grow into the best version of me I can be.

Boil it all down and it is pretty clear to see… I’m grateful for an ongoing focus on living into my dreams and for the way Becky encourages me to live into even greater dreams.


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